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A fast gesture recognizer based on the PennyPincher algorithm, written in Swift.

August 9, 2015

Penny Pincher is a fast template-based gesture recognizer, developed by Eugene Taranta and Joseph LaViola (full paper reference below). The algorithm is well-suited for mobile applications since it is both fast and accurate and, as shown in the evaluation by the authors, outperforms other recognizers. My Github project provides a Swift implementation of Penny Pincher and shows its usage in a simple example project. Also, the framework contains a UIGestureRecognizer subclass that integrates well into the existing gesture recognition framework of iOS.

Here’s the full reference for the paper:

Eugene M. Taranta, II and Joseph J. LaViola, Jr.. 2015. Penny pincher: a blazing fast, highly accurate $-family recognizer. In Proceedings of the 41st Graphics Interface Conference (GI ’15). Canadian Information Processing Society, Toronto, Ont., Canada, Canada, 195-202.

View the Github page

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