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JavaScript Development vs. Flex Development (and why today, web development sucks…)

Blog post titles with »vs« in it are often quite controversial. Most of the time, eliminating bias in those posts is neither desired nor possible anyway. Same here. However, having worked on real-world projects both using Ruby on Rails/HTML/JavaScript and Flex/AS3, I think that I’m able to kind of compare these different ways of developing […]

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Demo Video of AS3 Marking Menus

In my last article “Extremly Efficient Menu Selection: Marking Menus for the Flash Platform” I wrote about a powerful (but surprisingly rarely used) interaction technique called marking menus. A short demo video showing marking menus in a Flex application can now be found on www.markingmenus.org. Release of Flash/Flex components and source hopefully in 2010…

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Extremely Efficient Menu Selection: Marking Menus for the Flash Platform

This is a topic I wanted to write about since a while now: Marking menus and their implementation in ActionScript 3.0 for the Flash Platform. I had the chance of extensively studying this menu technique over the summer and developed a fully working solution for the Flash Platform, i.e. for use in Flash, Flex and […]

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“Flash Engineering” – A book about software engineering with the Flash Platform

Recently, the book “Flash Engineering” by Sven Busse (2009) has been published. While it is currently only available in German, English speakers might still want to read on, since it is quite unique compared to other books relating to that technology. I don’t know if an English version is being planned (if not, it would […]

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What is your level in the “Programmer Competency Matrix”?

Somehow I’ve came across the “Programmer Competency Matrix” – a table that shows the author’s expectations and requirements for different levels of skills in terms of computer science, software engineering, programming, experience and knowledge. The matrix is clearly geared towards “classic” software development and I believe a matrix for RIA developers, for example, would have […]

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Efficient Gesture Recognition and Corner Finding in AS3

Gesture recognition and corner finding are two techniques that can be useful for all sorts of things. For example, gesture recognition can be used to recognise shapes in graphics applications, to control the user interface on a mobile device or to build creative games. In this context, I’m referring to shapes drawn with an input […]

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Academic Flash and Paper of the Month

After almost a year of silence on this blog, I’m starting a new series of blog posts that cover serious topics that have both academic and practical relevance in terms of RIA development, user interface design or software design – basically topics that might be of interest for people involved in the design and development […]

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Scrybe – An awesome new Rich-Internet-Application

If you haven’t already read it on some other blog or web magazine: There’s a new Killer-RIA which is called »Scrybe«. It’s a flash-based (at least I’ve read that it was done in Flash – but actually it doesn’t matter if it was done with AJAX or Flash) calendar-powerlists-thoughtpad application. They have a Youtube video […]

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Flash & Typo3

A few months ago we made a completely flash based extension for the open source content-management-system Typo3. It’s a tool for managing frontend users, based on flash remoting, the js integration kit and v2 components – all neatly integrated into the Typo3 backend. We wrote a short article about the extension and the development process […]

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