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Posts published in January 2006

Killer Combination: AMFPHP, Propel and Creole

Have you ever made a database driven (flash) application which made use of lots of sql queries? Then this might interest you. Imagine instead of writing long and complicated sql statements for getting and setting data in your database you could use a simple object oriented syntax. This technique is well-known under the name of […]

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Update: Flash 8 File Browser 1.1

Due to the positive feedback we got from our file browser application I decided to make a few improvements.

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Download: Flash 8 File Browser

Lately we’ve built a flash site with built-in content management functionality. A byproduct of this cms was a flash file browser (based on Flash 8 because of the new upload/download classes) to manage the files of the site. As it’s a reusable Ā»componentĀ« we thought we could share it on the blog. It doesn’t have […]

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