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Posts published in October 2005

Cool Stuff: Trusted Computing

The first piece which goes into our »Cool Stuff« category ;): A movie about Trusted Computing. Watch it, it’s very cool.

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Binary arithmetic with static variables

For many of you this is probably nothing new but in case you didn’t know or used this, maybe you’ll find it useful: Let’s say you have a function in your application that displays some buttons and you want to display different configurations/arrangements of these buttons each time depending on some condition. For example you […]

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Loading files from the outside of htdocs / Forcing download

Loading files from the outside of htdocs: Flash has the permission only to access files in the htdocs directory because it’s connecting from the clientside. If you want to load a file from the outside of the htdocs directory into your swf file (for example if you don’t want unauthorized users to download your files […]

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FlashPaper 2 issues

In our last project we used FlashPaper 2 to display documents. FlashPaper is actually a very cool and easy to use technolgy but some issues/bugs drove us crazy: First: In its current form it’s quite hard (if even possible) to skin the interface (i.e. get rid of the green halo look and make some nice […]

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Dealing with multilingual content and mx.lang.Locale

A few time ago we had to make a small flash site with multilingual content. The site itself was really simple, nothing complicated, with the only “dynamic” feature to support more than one language in the textfields. So we thought this would be the golden opportunity to try out the strings panel which is built […]

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Ah – another flash blog!

So, finally we made it and got these wordpress-html-css things to appear on all major browser the same (hopefully!). Hm, this is our first post and we need something that justifies starting another blog about web development. Let’s try: Probably for each iPod nano apple sells these days one flash blog is started – what […]

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