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Posts published in November 2005

Flash & Typo3

A few months ago we made a completely flash based extension for the open source content-management-system Typo3. It’s a tool for managing frontend users, based on flash remoting, the js integration kit and v2 components – all neatly integrated into the Typo3 backend. We wrote a short article about the extension and the development process […]

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Dynamic Flash Forms

If you have to create a flash application with lots of forms, here’s is one possible solution that helps you to render many different forms for all your crud needs (create-read-update-delete). It should be pointed out that this is a flash only solution and that you’re definitely faster if you use flex, coldfusion (provided that […]

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A healthy dose of useful CSS links

Here’s are collected links to some excellent CSS sites which we find useful (in no particular order), divided into different categories (daily reading, layout & positioning, hacks, forms, common problems etc.). You souldn’t have any more of those annoying css problems (collapsing margins, clearing floats etc.) if you read them all…;)

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