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Posts published in October 2009

Design by Contract framework for Flex development?

On InfoQ, there’s an interesting presentation by Greg Young on how Design by Contract (DBC) and Test Driven Development (TDD) can be combined and complement each other. Using a Microsoft framework for API contracts, he talks about how DBC can be used to eliminate a large number unit tests by setting up constraints in your […]

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Paper of the Month: Faster Cascading Menu Selections Using AAMUs and EMUs

Actually, this post deals with two papers that I want to briefly present here (since they are closely related to each other). Download links and a short introduction below: The papers Tanvir, E., Cullen, J., Irani, P., Cockburn, A. (2008) AAMU: Adaptive Activation Area Menus for Improving Selection in Cascading Pull-Down Menus. Proceedings of ACM […]

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