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Ah – another flash blog!

October 13, 2005

So, finally we made it and got these wordpress-html-css things to appear on all major browser the same (hopefully!). Hm, this is our first post and we need something that justifies starting another blog about web development. Let’s try:

Probably for each iPod nano apple sells these days one flash blog is started – what this piece of extraordinary wisdom really should mean is: The number of flash blogs out there is constantly increasing ;) . So why start another one? For the same obvious reasons all the rest of us developers started their blog: Getting reputed as flash developers >>> landing more jobs >>> earning more money. Just kidding. No…seriously, we think that it’s interesting and fun to share some knowledge we get in our daily web development business, to talk about new technology, tips and tricks, to hunt for software bugs and to get feedback and help from others. And of course there’s this sense of blog magic that makes you feel belonging to the old-fashioned ones in web development when you don’t have your own blog. Enough said for now. Let’s see if we can post something useful in the near future. By the way: Did you notice this nice little flash feature we put below the blog header? We’re curious about what people are writing…:).

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One Response to “Ah – another flash blog!”

  1. Markus Ruebekohl says:

    So many people have something to tell out there … so why not you too :).

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