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FlashPaper 2 issues

October 17, 2005

In our last project we used FlashPaper 2 to display documents. FlashPaper is actually a very cool and easy to use technolgy but some issues/bugs drove us crazy:

First: In its current form it’s quite hard (if even possible) to skin the interface (i.e. get rid of the green halo look and make some nice controls), second: Loading a FlashPaper document means using old AS1-setInterval-ping-techniques. The docs suggest using setInterval and pinging the document until certain properties are defined. Attempts using the MovieClipLoader class and its onLoadInit event failed…And last but not least there is this very very annoying focus bug in FlashPaper. It happens when you load a FlashPaper document in a file that contains V2 components. The Focusmanagement makes your whole application completely unusable then – you have to click at least twice on normal movieclips until a onRelease event is fired etc. (so once again there’s one of those focus bugs when using v2 components…). Fortunately my colleague Christoph found this article at Flashcomguru. For our application we wrote this little FlashPaperLoader class which simplifies the loading process and applies the focus fix. Problems solved :).

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5 Responses to “FlashPaper 2 issues”

  1. Phil Randolph says:


    I downloaded the class that fixes the FlashPaper issue, but I get an error because I don’t seem to have mx.utils.Delegate class. Can you tell me where I can find it ? I have a trial version of MX Professional.
    Thanks, Phil

  2. felix says:

    The Delegate class is part of the “ellipsis” update for mx2004, so just install the update (7.2). You can find it on the macromedia homepage…

  3. chris says:

    I am using flash paper and am trying to set anchors in the flash paper document so I can use the following AS code to jump to a certain anchor point:


    Do you know how to put anchors in the flashPaper document? Can I do it with acrobat?
    Is my code correct?


  4. felix says:

    hi chris,

    i haven’t used anchors yet but here are some api docs which might help you.

  5. fleecie says:

    Chris the only way to maintain links is via word. unfortunately word attaches an http: tag infront of all links, so you have to decompile the swf, remove the tags, then recompile see link attached to the flashpaper2 adobe forum


    at the moment I am working on a mark up class that will over come this annoying (and lets face it idiotic ) bug.

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