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Flash & Typo3

November 30, 2005

T3N Magazin

A few months ago we made a completely flash based extension for the open source content-management-system Typo3.
It’s a tool for managing frontend users, based on flash remoting, the js integration kit and v2 components – all neatly integrated into the Typo3 backend.
We wrote a short article about the extension and the development process for the new German T3N magazine. It’s the second issue and and if you are interested in flash and Typo3 and open source development in general, this is the right magazine for you (provided you understand German ;)).

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5 Responses to “Flash & Typo3”

  1. gueho says:

    And if I don’t read german but am interested in typo3 and flash ?

    Is there somethnig for me ?


    Thanks for your reply

  2. felix says:

    hi gueho,

    i’m not sure if it makes sense reading a magazine in a language you don’t understand…;)

  3. gueho says:

    Exactly !

    So, is this german content translated in english ?

    And if not, are you planning to do it ?

    Thanks for your reply.

  4. felix says:

    maybe we post some more details about the extension here on the blog. we’re also considering putting it on the typo3 extension repository for download as soon as we have enough time to improve it a little more…

  5. gueho says:

    Cool. That would be a great idea !

    I hope I will see your typo3 extension in the near future… with an english documentation :)

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