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The PROTIUM mobile application architecture for iOS and Android

November 1, 2016

Protium Logo
Protium is an architecture for mobile applications on iOS and Android. Like many other architectural approaches, it should merely be seen as suggestion rather than panacea for solving all mobile development projects. Protium attempts to apply solid software engineering principles while capturing modern development practices. Protium is not a framework, meaning that you are not forced to use or subclass any components. Instead can freely choose which conceptual building blocks you wish to apply and integrate. The main goal of the architecture is to encourage consistent code organization using elements with clearly defined roles (or Separation of Concerns).

The model has successfully been applied in a number of projects and constantly been refined (the latest version, Protium v3 applies reactive programming). If you are new to mobile application architecture or struggling with finding a suitable approach for larger projects, even if you don’t apply the entire architecture, you might find some ideas in this document on how to structure your next project.

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