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Ruby Development on Windows

November 24, 2010

Several months ago, I set a Ruby development environment up on Windows but quickly realised that people were right saying that it doesn’t work well: I had lots of crashes, installation of some gems was tricky, and the Ruby version didn’t play well with the Rails version at that time. So I installed VirtualBox and configured everything within Ubuntu. While it did work in a way, it wasn’t a pleasant development experience at all. Installing virtual machines for testing purposes is fine but for longer working sessions I didn’t like it. First, even on a fast machine working in a virtual machine doesn’t feel as responsive and native as using a real OS. Secondly, things can get inconvenient when you want to use some tools on your OS and some on the guest system (networking modes etc.). Overall, it just makes matters much more complex than using a single system. Now, with Ruby 1.9.2 and Rails 3 I made another try and so far things have been working really well. If you plan to get started with Ruby dev on Windows, here are a few tips:

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