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Issues with utility windows in Adobe AIR

July 15, 2008

In Adobe AIR there are three different window types available to create a new NativeWindow. One of the types is the NativeWindowType.UTILITY type:
The flash help says: ┬╗Utility windows use a slimmer version of the system chrome and do not appear on the Windows task bar and the Mac OS-X window menu.┬ź

Some issues you should bear in mind when working with them are:

window.alwaysInFront = true;
window.alwaysInFront = [yourOldAlwaysInFrontValue];

Not exactely sure if that is general os behaviour or a bug in AIR?

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3 Responses to “Issues with utility windows in Adobe AIR”

  1. Weyert de Boer says:

    Yes, but I think it would be nice to have a new window type for dialogs in such manner that it doesn’t show the system menu and its icon on the left corner of the caption bar. Now you can’t do that. Basically I want a new type which is the UTILITY without the small caption bar :)

  2. felix says:

    You could possibly use the LIGHTWEIGHT type for this?

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