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MiniTask – free AIR application

June 24, 2008

After having developed one commercial and one internal Adobe AIR application MiniTask is our first free app. It has its own website at www.minitask.org with screenshots and further information. We developed it using the PureMVC framework for AS3 and it has turned out to work quite well! Give it a try…

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4 Responses to “MiniTask – free AIR application”

  1. Anna says:


    next to setting an alarm, it would be great to have relativly similar functionality like:
    remember when do i add/start a task and when i set it as “done” and add these 2 times in the printed version

    otherwise: love it & use it & i bet the code is as enjoyable as from your downloadable stuff’s!

  2. Maria says:

    What a sweet, cool mini-app!! Jealous of you guys, I’ll consider learning how to develop with AdobeAIR myself!
    Btw “Copy all to clipboard (HTML)” doesn’t work for me. I have 1.4.4 installed.. :(

  3. felix says:

    thanks :)
    HTML-Copy works only with applications that support it, e.g. Word (which creates a table) or Excel…

  4. Michael says:


    Thanks a lot for incredible application. However exists one small problem – entering tasks allowed only in English.

    Is it possible to correct? For instance impossible enter any Cyrillic letters, probably because used font in which Cyrillic symbols does not exists.

    Anyway thanks for great application.

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