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Update: Flash 8 File Browser 1.1

January 15, 2006

Due to the positive feedback we got from our file browser application I decided to make a few improvements.And here’re the new features/changes:

The ok and cancel buttons are now hidden by default as they had no functionality. You could unhide them e.g. when you want to load the FileBrowser into a popup…

The new FileBrowser.zip can be downloaded here.

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One Response to “Update: Flash 8 File Browser 1.1”

  1. paul says:

    I have installed the filebrowser and everything seems to work, except for file uploading. I believe I have done everything correctly. The url I am posting at is http://www.granadesign.com/paul/filebrowser/FileBrowser.htm

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am very impressed at this app and will thank you endlessly if I can get it fully working. I currently host several photography sites and this is a great thing for me! Kudos and thanks!

    paul ;)