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Killer Combination: AMFPHP, Propel and Creole

Have you ever made a database driven (flash) application which made use of lots of sql queries? Then this might interest you. Imagine instead of writing long and complicated sql statements for getting and setting data in your database you could use a simple object oriented syntax. This technique is well-known under the name of […]

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A healthy dose of useful CSS links

Here’s are collected links to some excellent CSS sites which we find useful (in no particular order), divided into different categories (daily reading, layout & positioning, hacks, forms, common problems etc.). You souldn’t have any more of those annoying css problems (collapsing margins, clearing floats etc.) if you read them all…;)

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Binary arithmetic with static variables

For many of you this is probably nothing new but in case you didn’t know or used this, maybe you’ll find it useful: Let’s say you have a function in your application that displays some buttons and you want to display different configurations/arrangements of these buttons each time depending on some condition. For example you […]

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