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A healthy dose of useful CSS links

November 2, 2005

Here’s are collected links to some excellent CSS sites which we find useful (in no particular order), divided into different categories (daily reading, layout & positioning, hacks, forms, common problems etc.). You souldn’t have any more of those annoying css problems (collapsing margins, clearing floats etc.) if you read them all…;)Articles/Tutorials:
A List Apart
Digital Web Magazine
CSS Discuss
CSS and web standards tutorials
Nemesis Tutorials
Float Tutorial

Position Is Everything
Little Boxes
Current CSS Layout Techniques
CSS Positioning (BrainJar)
3 column layouts
3 column layouts – A Different Approach
Three column layouts (CSS-Discuss)
Two column layouts (CSS-Discuss)
Nemesis Layouts
Tableless Layouts

In search of the One True Layout
Practical CSS Layout Tips, Tricks, & Techniques (ALA)
Collapsing Margins (Andy Budd)
How To Clear Floats Without Structural Markup

The Form Assembley
10 Tips To A Better Form
Styling Form Widgets
Form Layouts
Standard Forms
Table-less Forms

CSS Reference
CSS Cheat Sheet
CSS Creator
CSS Menu Generator

CSS Hacks
Avoiding Hacks (CSS-Discuss)
Hiding CSS from Browsers
CSS Examples (Tantek)
No More CSS Hacks
Strategies for Long-Term CSS Hack Management
CSS Filters (dithered.com)
CSS Hack (CSS-Discuss)

CSS Zengarden
CSS Beauty
CSS Vault
Unmatched Style

And many more links at:
Holy CSS Zeldman
Web Developer’s Handbook

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