• Edit settings by right-clicking on the application icon (system tray/dock).
  • Left-clicking on the tray icon displays the tasks window.

Context menus

  • Right-clicking on an item in the task list displays the context menu for the selected item (add, edit, remove...).
  • Right-clicking on the MiniTask title bar or anywhere outside of the task list displays the menu for all tasks.
  • Right-clicking on the icon in the system tray/dock displays the application (settings) menu.

Task list

  • Drag an item in the task list onto another item to reorder your tasks (e.g. for priority).
  • Holding down SHIFT and dragging a task separator moves the separator and all tasks below.
  • Collapse/expand all tasks below a task separator by clicking on the arrow icon (or CTRL + clicking on the label).

Quick edit

  • Edit tasks by double-clicking on an item. Finish editing by clicking outside of the item or by pressing ENTER / ESCAPE.
  • Set tasks done / undone by clicking on the task icon (or edit the alarm when in alarm mode).
  • CTRL + clicking on the task icon toggles alarm mode.
  • Entering **Your Label** (label enclosed by 2 stars) into the label converts the task into a separator.


  • Double-clicking on a flashing alarm (or single-clicking on the icon) removes the alarm.
  • CTRL + clicking on the icon of a flashing alarm resets the alarm time to the next day.
  • Right-clicking on an item with an active alarm displays the alarm time in the menu.

Copy / Paste

  • You can copy all tasks to the clipboard (Right-click »Copy all...«) and paste them into Word, Excel or other applications.
  • »Copy as HTML« allows you to paste tasks into another application as a HTML table (e.g. into Word or mail client).
  • Paste tasks from the clipboard (e.g. from an E-mail) into MiniTask. MiniTask creates a new task for each line break.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • CTRL + N: Add new task
  • CTRL + C / X / V: Copy / Cut / Paste tasks
  • CTRL + H: Copy tasks as HTML
  • CTRL + R: Remove done tasks
  • CTRL + Click on a separator label: Collapse/expand tasks below
  • CTRL + Click on an icon: Toggle alarm
  • CTRL + Click on an icon of a flashing alarm: Reset alarm time to next day
  • CTRL + Click on a link / mail address: Open in web browser / mail client
  • SHIFT + Click & Drag on a separator: Move separator and all tasks below
  • ENTER / ESCAPE (in edit mode): Finish / cancel editing


This application requires Adobe AIR to be installed.

Download MiniTask

(This software is provided »as-is«, without any express or implied warranty. In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software.)

Problems with the install badge above? Just download and install Adobe AIR first and then MiniTask.air.


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