Frequently asked questions

Can I change the default font?

Yes. Please see the customisation section on how to edit styles.

Can tasks be synchronised between multiple computers?

Yes. MiniTask has no built-in support for task syncing but you can use free tools (Dropbox, for example) to synchronise the file that stores all tasks. The file is called minitask_tasks.xml and is located in your user directory (see the customisation section on how to find your user directory). You can also change the directory where MiniTask stores that file in the application settings menu (right-click on the system tray/dock icon and select Set tasks directory...). Changes to that file are reflected in real-time in the application window.

Can I assign a shortcut to launch the application?

Yes. If MiniTask is already running and launched again, the tasks window will be opened. To launch the application, you can assign a shortcut in your operating system (on Windows, for example, right-click on the start menu or desktop icon of MiniTask and select Properties). You could also use powerful tools, such as AutoHotkey (Windows) or QuickSilver (Mac)...

I have a lot of tasks but the window does not scroll. What can I do?

MiniTask is designed for quick and short-term task management. It automatically resizes the task window (so that all tasks are visible) and therefore does not support scrolling. You can, however, put your tasks into groups (separators) and collapse them or change the styles to display more tasks in less space. If you still have too many tasks, then you might be better off with a more complex task management application or project management software.


This application requires Adobe AIR to be installed.

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