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Tip for using SWFAddress and GoogleAnalytics together

March 4, 2007

Just a quick tip to save you a few minutes if you plan to use SWFAddress (as far as I know currently the best browser-back-button solution for flash) and GoogleAnalytics (for tracking) in a flash project:

That’s it :)

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7 Responses to “Tip for using SWFAddress and GoogleAnalytics together”

  1. Jonas says:

    I think this is a general problem with getURL() and ExternalInterface. I had the same problem, but not with GoogleAnalatics. I just tried to call a javascript function after an ExternalInterface call. It didn’t work. I just became an empty Window. With ExternalInterface instead of getURL it works fine.

  2. shaun says:

    I’m glad I came upon this site during my swfaddress research. I normally wouldn’t comment but you are one of a few people who have posted ANY type of tips on swfaddress. Someone should post a real nice tutorial.

  3. Og2t says:

    Thanks for this post!
    I had a very weird problem with IE and ExternalInterface (using SWFobject though): after closing the browser window, new blank windows started to appear all over the screen. Using getURL() (only for IE) helped.

  4. Michael says:

    Great tip. I found out that this is only a problem in Internet Explorer, not in Firefox/Safari on my mac. – just in case some of you are confused!

  5. taisen says:

    you saved my week-end with this comment… thanx a lot and “danke schön” also (viel mals).

  6. theranch says:

    So do you need to have your urchin UI js code in the page that contains the swf?
    How does SWFAddress know what UI number to use for tracking?

  7. Blorn says:

    Tip : in the minified version it is on line 1

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