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Eclipse/FDT shortcut sheet

March 12, 2006

After reading Xavi Beumala’s great article Optimizing Your Workflow with Eclipse and FDT at actionscript.com I quickly put together a sheet containing all the shortcuts mentioned in the article. There are mentioned a few very useful shortcuts I didn’t know and I thought it could be useful to have the most important ones on a sheet to print them out. You can download it as a PDF or Open Office document:

[UPDATE: I’ve replaced STRG with CTRL (STRG is German for CTRL…;)]


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9 Responses to “Eclipse/FDT shortcut sheet”

  1. Mani says:

    Thanks!! I’m about to print myself a few copies right now!!!
    I was reading that article and thought that a shortcut list would be great instead of thumbing throught the article every time!


  2. diamondtearz says:

    […] was kind enough to put together a Cheat sheet of the shortcuts mentioned in that article.  Great productivity boost. Posted in Dev Tools || […]

  3. pan69 says:

    I guess STRG is CTRL?

  4. Thanks! Your pdf is really a great help!


  5. […] Felix Raab hat auf seinem Blog http://www.betriebsraum.de/blog die wichtigsten Shortcuts, die der Entwickler bei der Arbeit mit dem Eclipse-Plugin FDT benötigt, in einem Dokument zusammengefasst. Die Dokumente sind als PDF oder als Opendocument Spreadsheet auf dem Blog hier verfügbar. […]

  6. Pete says:

    Thanks very much for the great posts and downloads.

  7. Aylin Yilmaz says:

    Thanks a lot for the short cuts! It is pretty neat.

  8. Andriy says:

    I’m also an active keyboard user and have my own list of shortcuts. I had trouble remembering them all at once. Finally I wrote an Eclipse plugin MouseFeed (http://www.mousefeed.com/), which helps to learn keyboard shortcuts.


  9. Joa Ebert says:

    Not to forget:
    CTRL+SHIFT+L List of all shortcuts.
    CTRL+ALT+DOWN/UP Duplicate up/down
    CTRL+SHIFT+Y Lower case
    CTRL+SHIFT+X Upper case

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