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Object-Oriented Design Heuristics

February 11, 2006

Here’s just a quick book recommendation: Searching for books on OOP I came across the book Object-Oriented Design Heuristics by Arthur J. Riel. It’s a great book on object-oriented design that deals with language-independet oo guidelines.

It contains more than sixty heuristics and general information on object-oriented mechanisms and design which are useful for both novices and experts. The second half of the book provides C++ code for some of the examples (even if you are “only” programming actionscript 2.0 you can understand most of the source code but the first half of the book is the more important one anyway). The book was published in 1996 but that’s of course no reason for not buying it because all the information is still valid and can be applied to flash and actionscript programming as well.

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